There are two classes of membership viz
1. Grade Membership
2. Corporate Membership

The grade Membership of the Institute is open to the general public provided that such interested persons posses the prescribed qualification for membership which is classified as follows:

This is the highest level of membership of the Institute.
To become a fellow, the candidate must have satisfied the council that he has attained the age of 30 years and that for the period of seven (7) years immediately preceding the date of application in that behalf has been a fit and proper person. In addition, he must be the holder of an approved academic qualification and has creditably held a senior management position in a pension management or related field or has held a senior lecturer position in higher educational institution for a period of not less than seven (7) years.

To become an associate of the Institute, the candidate must have attained the age of twenty-two (22) years and is employed in a management capacity in a pension management or related field and has passed the examination accepted by the Institute and is also a fit and proper person to be enrolled in the register.

Corporate membership is opened to any organisation in pension management or related businesses. Such organisation must be duly incorporated/registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) or such body. In addition to this, such organisation seeking to be corporate member must be licensed by the appropriate regulatory authority such as National Pension Commission (PENCOM), Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), National Insurance Commission (NAICOM) etc. and such organisation must have not less than five (5) employees.

Every member of the Institute possesses the right to use the following designated letters after his/her name

Fellows (FCIP) meaning Fellow of the Certified Pension Institute
Associates (ACIP) meaning Associate of the Certified Pension Institute

(CMCPI) Meaning Corporate Member of the Certified Pension Institute. The corporate members can put this designation on their printing documents such as letter headed, Complementary card, advertisement in daily or electronic media etc. Corporate members are entitled to two votes at the General Meeting of the Institute.

A person shall be regarded as a registered student if he has enrolled with the prescribed minimum entry requirement. Minimum entry educational requirement to register, as a student of the Institute is first University Degree ( or Higher National Diploma (HND) or its equivalent qualification.

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