Entries for examinations must be made on a examination form available at the Secretariat or down loaded from the internet. The period of entry for May examinations is March 1st to 5th April and for November Diet, September 1st to October 15th. Late entries within one week after the close of entry period shall attract penalty.

Examinations will be held at designated places as the Institute deem fit.

Request for change of examination centre may be entertained if received at least 21 working days before any of the diet examinations.

On no account will examination fees be refunded to candidates who failed to sit for the examination. However, a candidate’s entry may be deferred for one examination diet if the candidate is too ill to attempt the examination. He or she must support the request with a medical report. Such candidate will need to obtain and complete fresh examination entry form for the subsequent diet in which he intends to sit the examination and will forfeit 50% of the examination fee already paid to cover the administrative/handling expenses.

The answer booklet is the property of the Institute. Under no condition should the booklet be removed from examination hall.

Mobile telephones must not be brought into examination hall.

The decision of the examiner is final. No protest or request for production of marked examination scripts will be entertained from student. Result of the examination will be pasted at the secretariat and hosted on the website not later than eight weeks after the last examination paper and subsequently mailed to candidates.

The examination will start on the first Tuesday of May and November and run for three (3) consecutive days. Where any of the examination falls on a public holiday, the relevant paper will be shifted to the next working day.

Tuesday 9:00 AM 1.5 – Managerial Economics
2.2 – Financial Market Analysis
3.2 – Actuarial Practice and Risk Management
1:00 PM 1.1 – General Principle of Law
2.1 – Corporate Management and Insurance
3.1 – Investment and Corporate Finance
Wednesday 9:00 AM 1.6 – Financial and Management Accounting
2.4 – Pension Practice and Management
3.4 – Marketing of Pension Services
1:00 PM 1.2 – Accounting Framework
2.3 – Law of Trust, Executorship and Bankruptcy
3.3 – Pension Case Study
Thursday 9:00 AM 1.3 – Qualitative Techniques
1.7 – Corporate Law
1:00 PM 1.4- Management Principle and Practice
1.8 – Management Information System
MAY Examination Deadline Student Registration closes last working day in March
Exam Registration closes last working day in April
SEPTEMBER Examination Deadline Student Registration closes last working day in September
Exam Registration closes last working day in October

Candidates are advised to study for a minimum period of six months before attempting each level of the examination.

The only proof of identification acceptable for the purpose of the examination is the student identity card issued by the institute. Presentation of this is a precondition for admission into the examination hall.

No candidate will be allowed into the examination hall thirty minutes after the commencement of a paper. Similarly, no candidate would be allowed to leave the examination hall within one and half-hours of the commencement of a paper. Only candidates leaving the examination hall within forty-five minutes to the conclusion of a paper may be allowed to take out the question paper.

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