About Us

The Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria is a National Institute charged with the responsibilities of training and retraining of pension practitioners in Nigeria.
It was founded with the idea of bringing together professional benefit administrators and other interested parties to encourage greater dialogue, cooperation and educational opportunities.

CPIN’s goal is to improve the quality and efficiency of Pension Administration in Nigeria.

Our mission

  • Designing distinctive programmes which are relevant, contemporary and proactive
  • Developing Pension Practitioners personally and professionally
  • Generating research that is strategic and achievable
  • Fostering business cultures that are vibrant and entrepreneurial
  • Engaging closely with pension practitioners across the nation
  • Promoting practical management skills.

Our Organisational Structure

The governing board of the Institute is referred to as the Council. The council is the highest organ of the Institute. Decisions of the Council are implemented by the secretariat. The council of the institute consist of the following :

  • Seven (7) grade members elected by the members of the Institute.
  • Representative of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Representative of Investment Promotion Commission
  • Representative of Federal Ministry of Education
  • Representative of University where Pension Management is being taught
  • Representative of Polytechnic where Pension Management is being taught.

The National Secretariat is headed by the Executive Secretary. There are five departments at the secretariat viz :

  • Office of the Executive Secretary
  • Finance and Account Department
  • Communication Department
  • Training Department
  • Research and Technical Department
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