Welcome to CPIN

The Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria (CPIN) is a national Institute representing the retirement and employee benefit plan administration profession. It was founded with the idea of bringing together professional benefit administrators and other interested parties to encourage greater dialogue, cooperation, and educational opportunities; CPIN’s goal is to improve the quality and efficiency of plan administration.

Looking for a First-Class Pension Resource Institute?

Why our institute?

We are a complete pension resource institute with the ability to invest in people.

Insights into global consumers

With collaborative process-driven, the most complicated business problems may be solved quickly.

Conceptual Leadership

The problem is addressed, and from there you can carry out the strategy using only the suggested framework.

Our Services

Training and Re-training of
Pension Practitioners

We organize trainings and re-trainings for pension practitioners.

Organizing Seminars
and Workshops

We organize seminars and workshops for organizations, associations, government parastatals etc.

Organizing of Public

We organizing pre-retirement and retirement trainings for Organizations, Associations,  Government parastatals etc.

Organizing of

We work side by side with clients to organize conferences that are hard-hitting and tailored to achieve the objective of their organization.

Research Services

We provide professional support for researchers in pension management.


Candidates will be assessed before they can be a member of the institute.



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Strategic and commercial approach with issues

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