Welcome to CPIN

The Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria (CPIN) is a foremost and pioneer professional body, saddled with the role of rallying identity for professionals involved in the management of various forms of retirement benefits in Nigeria.  The CPIN is designed to be the morale booster to all stakeholders geared towards the development of the pension industry in Nigeria.

Over the years, many pension experts have benefited from our faculty and training/retraining efforts. The Institute has conducted over 8,000 workshops/Seminars on Pension related matters.

Membership, the Institute has been conducting professional examinations resulting in current membership of more than 110 Fellows and 2,300 Associates members, all spread into Federal establishments, State establishments and private establishments, nationwide.

Hence, the Institute aims at harnessing various views and skills of stakeholders to encourage and foster greater dialogue, cooperation and educational advancement within and around the pension industry.

CPIN was incorporated with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2003.The foundation members are Pension Managers and Consultants, who are mainly members of foreign pension professional bodies such as Pension Management Institute, UK, National Institute of Pension Administrators, USA etc..

As a member, you have access to exclusive contents and opportunities to develop your skills in the areas of technical knowledge, leadership, and management, as well as develop your network in the field of pension management.

It is the intent of The Certified Pension Institute of Nigeria, through her Council to allow and nominate recognised professional personalities for Direct Membership Programme (DMP) at intervals, to ensure better and improved coverage for Pension Administration Network in Nigeria.

Looking for a First-Class Pension Resource Institute?

Why our institute?

We are a complete pension resource institute with the ability to invest in people.

Insights into global consumers

With collaborative process-driven, the most complicated business problems may be solved quickly.

Conceptual Leadership

The problem is addressed, and from there you can carry out the strategy using only the suggested framework.

Our Services

In-house and Off-site Trainings

We organize in-house and off-site trainings and re-trainings for Organizations, Associations,  Government parastatals etc.

Organizing Seminars

We organize seminars and workshops for organizations, associations, government parastatals etc.

Organizing of National Workshops

We organizing national workshops for Organizations, Associations,  Government parastatals etc.

Organizing of Symposim

We work side by side with clients to organize symposiums that are hard-hitting and tailored to achieve the objective of their organization.

Retirement and Pre-retirement Training

We organize retirement and pre-retirement trainings for pension practitioners.